Cherry Blossoms at the BBG

Since I can’t make it to DC I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to check out the cherry blossoms there.

It’s still early and a lot of the trees haven’t bloomed yet but it wasn’t a wasted visit. It was a beautiful weekend in New York and it’s finally warm enough to shed the winter gear.

Check out the pics in the gallery.


The Last Three

I received a photo of The Last Three sculpture created by husband and wife team Gillie and Marc Schattner. Before seeing the photo I had not heard of these artists even though they have had other pieces of artwork displayed in New York and other places around the world.

The rhino sculpture was inspired by the last three northern white rhinos remaining on earth. One of those rhinos, a male named Sudan, died in March. The two female rhinos, Najim and Fatu, are infertile. The artists want to raise wildlife conservation awareness and end the sale of rhino horns.

This piece is on displayed at Astor Place until May. More information about the project can be found at Goodbye Rhinos.

Streetbird Rotisserie

Summer decided to come back in the form of ninety degrees this past weekend. I was looking forward to the lower temps but let me enjoy more warm weather before it all goes away.

I was in Harlem to get my hair braided and before I made the trek to Brooklyn decided to get a quick bite to eat.

Now let me tell you I’m not really familiar with that area at all. I know how to get to 125th to my braiding spot and then back on the A train to Brooklyn to get home. Dassit.

My hunger wouldn’t allow me to stomach a train ride home without food after my hair was done. I had to find something immediately!

I wanted to go to Lolo’s Seafood Shack but it wasn’t opened yet. Instead, I ended up at Streetbird Rotisserie for brunch.

The service was fast and friendly. The food got to my table fast, almost too fast. I didn’t like what I ordered so I won’t be discussing food but I’m willing to go back to try another item in the future. I’d rather do that instead of bashing the restaurant after only one visit.

Can we talk about this drink? This was my first time trying a frosé. Look at me trying to be all current and trendy! I have zero complaints about it. This cocktail was much needed and appreciated on a hot fall day.

The restaurant has a really ecletic vibe to it. The atmosphere is chill and laid-back. The crowd was diverse and I like that. Also the playlist was mostly R&B and soul music from the 60s and 70s. That’s one of my favorite eras of music so I loved that.

Streetbird Rotisserie is located at 2149 Frederick Douglas Blvd in the city. The the C train to the 116th Street stop. For more information check out their website here.

Big Bus Tour

Let me start off by saying I’m a corny, nerdy woman. Core. Knee. Okay? I’ve always known it, it’s who I am, I’ve made peace with it. It’s all right. One of the things on my bucket list was being real touristy and take a trip on one of those bus tours to see the sights. Recently, I was able to cross that off my list and make it happen hence my blog post today.

Patience and Fortitude

The tour takes you to various landmarks around the city. You can choose the route (Downtown, Midtown, Uptown, and Brooklyn). I chose the Downtown route.

I saw various neighborhoods I haven’t spent time in like SoHo and the Lower East Side.

With Big Bus you have the option to hop on and off, leaving the bus to stroll the neighborhood or visit a site like the 9/11 Memorial and then hopping on to continue the bus tour on another bus when it arrives at several designated pick up sites along the way.

Wall Street

The buses are all double decker style with an open top and an enclosed bottom. Naturally everyone crowded to the top for the best view. In the spring and summer this may be great but I wouldn’t want to be up there when it’s raining or cold.

My favorite neighborhood on the tour was the Lower East Side. There was an abundance of street art and murals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pics of them all because I was seated in a funky place.

As the tour came to a close we headed back to 42nd Street and I saw The Seated Ballerina for the first time.

We reached 42nd Street and everybody didn’t have to go home but they had to get off the bus. With that, the tour ended and a nerdy woman did something she’s always wanted to do. This is a great thing!

On the last post I did my version of pros and cons and I think I will continue that trend.

Miley, What’s Good!

See the sights without spending too much time. If you don’t get off the bus the tour is about an hour and a half to two hours.

Learn quick little facts about the city from the tour guide. Did you know the lions in front of the New York Public Library are named Patience and Fortitude? See…I didn’t either.

This tour is family friendly and appropriate for all ages.

The app has the location of all stops for all routes and that helped.

Ooh, That Was Bad!

Nobody really got off so new passengers were all forced to sit at the bottom or wait for another bus.

Views from under the canopy on top and on the bottom are extremely limited.

Lines can be long get there as early as you can.

My tour guide went on and on about rent control and gentrification. I get it but…next topic please.

Prices. A little over hundred for two people. Not cheap especially when you can’t control where you are seated and what you can see.

The Big Bus website has more information on the routes and pricing.

Prospect Park Zoo

On a recent sunny, hot day I decided I wanted to have a little zoo with my park. Enter The Prospect Park Zoo in the Children’s Corner area of Prospect Park.

This is a small zoo with no lions, tigers, and bears (Oh my! I’m sorry I had to do it.) but it’s still enjoyable.

The zoo is split into five different sections. Discovery Trail, Sea Lion Court, Hall of Animals, Animal Lifestyles, and the Barn.

I like that the zoo was beautifully landscaped with lots of green foliage and different flowers. I think it would be a good spot for an upcoming senior to take senior pictures.

My favorite section of the zoo was the barn. I was able to feed the sheep and goats and as you see they were not shy about wanting their food. For fifty cents you get a few food pellets to feed the animals. Little kids were crazy for it.

One thing I found very cool was the peacocks strolling the grounds. I didn’t see one as closely as I would like. He was a little shy that day. I’m not sure how many walk around on a regular basis. I saw three.

Another highlight was the swans and ducks. I’m low-key obsessed with both. You can feed them as well.

More pics. I wish I had kept a tally of the names of each animal but I didn’t.

What I Liked:

  • The zoo is small and walkable.
  • It’s a good spot for small children. I would say from two to five.
  • A zoo where you can feed the animals is always fun.
  • The price was excellent. Eight bucks for adults and five for kids. The Central Park Zoo was shockingly much higher.

That’s That Ish I Don’t Like:

  • There’s really no food at this zoo and what little they do have is grossly overpriced.
  • Due to the amount of small children it was like attack of the strollers at all times.
  • Another thing I didn’t like was the smaller pathways to certain exhibits. If a family is coming through with strollers you have to stop and slide to get out the way.

For more on the zoo check out their website here. Tickets and be purchased at the zoo or online. You can drive or take the B, Q, and S to Prospect Park stop or the 2, 3, and 4 to the Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum stop.

MTA Adopt A Station Plan

I’m writing way more about the MTA than I expected but as stated in a previous post I’m a daily train rider and what the state decides to do with it affects my daily life. So let’s go. Happy Friday!

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo gave a speech in the city about his plans to improve subway service. One idea is having private businesses and organizations “adopt” a station who would then be responsible for upkeep and the overall look of that station.

Part of me is like oh okay Cuomo, look at you thinking of ideas and what not! Another part of me is like…now how is this gon’ work?

Already as a rider you can see the clear difference of the look and maintenance of some of the stations based on location. I see stations in the city getting top priority even though the governor says an outer borough station must be upgraded for each one in the city.

Even if that in the case, I suspect the stations in the more popular and gentrifying areas of Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx getting love first over a station in poorer areas.

It’s yet to be determined if businesses will be down for this. I’m just glad to hear officials publicly on the issues and working to get it resolved.