Restaurant Review: Rabbithole

I know nothing about restaurant reviews but I do know about good food so here we go.

One of the coolest benefits of living and working in Williamsburg has to be the restaurants. There’s something for everybody. If you say there isn’t then something is wrong with you.

On one spring day I found myself inside a cool little restaurant on Bedford called Rabbithole.

Two things besides the food make me decide whether I’m going to eat there: if cards are accepted and if the staff looks happy to be there.

Thankfully both of those requirements were fulfilled and I was quickly seated in the back near the windows.

Eggs Benedict

I ordered the Eggs Benedict. I’m more of a scrambled egg type but I decided to try something different.

Did I tell you I don’t know about writing food reviews? Yes?

The short story: the food was delicious. The biscuit was moist, the bacon was crisp, and the roasted potatoes were seasoned perfectly. Not soggy and not burnt crispy. The salad was…salad. I don’t go crazy over salad though so maybe the next person would be overjoyed to taste it.

I can’t recall price but it didn’t crush my soul and was under fifteen dollars. The place was busy but not full and the staff was attentive without being annoying.


As for ambiance, I got a rustic vibe with darker colors, wood fixtures, and exposed brick. Nothing looked new but it didn’t look like it would fall to pieces either. I didn’t take many pictures because it was the lunch hour and I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s meal.

I plan to visit this restaurant again and try more in the future.


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