Take Luda’s Advice: Move Out The Way

Let’s pretend you’re a tourist or someone very new to New York City. You’re finally seeing all the sights and sounds you’ve only seen in books, magazines, TV shows, and movies. Chinatown, Little Italy, Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge! Naturally you must take a pic to send to all your friends and family back home. So you stop right in your tracks to take a pic of that building, that landmark, or that street sign. Right?

Wrong. Oh, how wrong. Tourists stopping in the middle of the sidewalk is one of the easiest ways to get verbally abused even by the nicest of persons.

The excitement is understandable. Even “hardened” New Yorkers who were born and raised here may be sympathic. What’s not okay is blocking the way for people on the way to work, school, or wherever they have to go.   People are busy and when they are on the move they want no interruptions especially from someone taking a picture.

For picture taking time, move out the way of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Do not stop midstride or in an intersection! I used to step aside with my back against buildings and ended up with some really great shots without irritating the masses.

I also heavily recommend avoiding the common tourist attractions during rush hour. Do you really need to see the Statue of Liberty at 9 a.m.?

And please I know you’re happy to be with your family and friends but blocking the sidewalk because you want to walk side by side in a group of 4+ is the worst. To add insult to my injury these people want to stroll together ssssssllllloooooowwwww while stopping to pose for pics or take them. Don’t do it. Please.


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