Restaurant Review: North River Lobster Co.

Only the thought of delicious lobster, drinks, and a cruise on the Hudson could lure me from my beloved BK to the city on a Saturday but that’s exactly what I did recently when I visited North River Lobster Co.


This is a fairly new restaurant only opening last year. According to their website, it’s the largest “boatstaurent” in the country with the ability to accommodate 450 on its three decks.



I arrived at noon and found a shaded table outside on the second floor. There was no price to board but you make up for it when you purchase food and drinks. Orders are placed and paid for at the bar.  You’re given a number for a food runner to deliver the food to you at your table.



I ordered a lobster roll and truffle fries with blue cheese.  I liked that the roll was full of large chunks of lobster and was fresh. It wasn’t overly bathed in the tarragon aioli. The bun was toasted and it was a tasty lobster roll. It’s not going to fill you up but it won’t leave you feeling like you have to eat something else when you leave. The truffle fries were also delicious and something I would recommend to anyone visiting the boat.


The cruise was a quick jaunt Uptown then back to the pier. It was a gorgeous day outside and it was nice to be on the water relaxing even for half an hour.


The North River Lobster Co. is located at Pier 81 at W 41st Street.


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