Weekend Outing: Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk

Sunday afternoon was spent at Coney Island, specifically the boardwalk, the beach, and Luna Park, one of the many amusement parks.


It was a sweltering day. My plans to lounge on one of the benches near the beach and roam the boardwalk were easily thwarted as the afternoon sun beat down on my hatless head.


The heat did not keep people away. There were a great number of families, tourists, sunbathers, and costumed people there. I was melting in a tshirt and denim shorts so I can only imagine how it would feel to be wearing a full head to toe getup.



I watched a few brave people scream around The Thunderbolt. There was also a ride where people were projected into the air like a slingshot.



Later, I walked down to Nathan’s for a hot dog. The line was outrageously long but moved quickly.

After that, I walked the boardwalk until I succumbed to the sun and retreated back to my car.  Another visit is in the works but it will be after sunset or at night when it’s much cooler and the amusement park rides are lit up.


More information on the spots I visited is here and here.


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