Train Tips: Placement is Everything!

When I first started riding the train, I got on the closest car to me. Once on, I would wonder why sometimes I could barely get in because there were so many people on there already. Other times, I could easily grab a seat because it was empty. It took awhile but I found out where you get on the train really does matter.

Ah ha, hush that fuss everybody get to the back of the…train.  If you really don’t mind walking and want a somewhat guaranteed seat, the back of the train is usually less crowded than the front and the middle. I mean the way back. I mean last car back.

On the weekend when service changes almost ruins lives and there’s a million and ten people on the platform, escape the masses, and go to the back. It will still be crowded but at least there will be some breathing room.

Where you sit matters. Nothing is worse than wading through an ocean of people to get off the train. Try your best to sit or stand near the door you need to exit. It saves time and you won’t miss your stop. Don’t block the door and move aside so people can get on and off without crashing into you.


Priority disability seats: bonus! Please read bonus in Plies’ voice. Then let me explain this because it looks and sounds horrible right now.

These little disability fold up seats are the best. You are sitting alone with no manspreading, no one’s belongings pressed against you, and no one sliding into you as the train accelerates and brakes. Plus, I like the dramatic clack sound it makes when I finally do get up.

No one who really needs it (read: disabled or elderly) has ever been on when I ride but I would give it up with no hesitation in that situation. Now get this @sshole crown off. It’s heavy.

Happy train riding!


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