Bathrooms for Customers Only

When I was a little girl before I would go out my mother would warn me.

You better use it before you get in the car!

This is a policy I strongly adhere to even now at mumbles years old, especially here in New York.

Tourists and newcomers, hear this: it’s hard to pee for free in this city. There are literally posted signs in most businesses stating bathrooms are for (paying) customers!!! Bold and exclamation points just like that.

If you even dare to ask, employees will say the toilet is broken or out of service. A code or key to access the bathroom is given only when you buy.

This can be a painful thing to learn if you are out and about and really gotta go. Now!

I’m here to save you. My toilet tips for NYC. Ready?

Go before you go. This should be engrained from childhood. Trust my mother. Trust me. It works.

Ask. At most fast food restaurants if you ask the cashier, a nice one will relent and give you the code for the bathroom.

Public parks and other facilities. Most large transit stations – Grand Central Station, Penn Station, Port Authority off the top of my head – have public restrooms available for use.
There is also at least one public bathroom at most parks.
Will these bathrooms be the cleanest? Warning you now, the answer is no but it is at least an option.

As soon as you leave, just before you go. So you’re at some magical place with bathrooms. You better take advantage! Use it as soon as you arrive and right before you go. That should leave you comfortable for awhile.

Pay. This should be a last, last, last resort. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive thing but get something cheap to gain access to the bathrooms. This isn’t ideal but much better than going in the bushes.

I have no witty sentence to end this so good day.


2 thoughts on “Bathrooms for Customers Only

  1. Girl I do the first-in-and-again before-leaving thing to especially if it’s a nice one. I hate public bathrooms with a passion. The designer in me looks at all of the things that needs redone. Including the gaps btwn the doors. There isn’t anything private if the gap is 1.5″ wide.


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