Weekend Outing: Jones Beach

This will be brief. Actually, no it won’t. I’m too longwinded for that. Jones Beach on Long Island is beautiful, clean, and huge. But I didn’t have a great time the day of my visit. You know why?


I felt like I would never make it to the water. It was a very hot day, the sand felt like heavy, heated needles against my feet and I was carrying a chair, a rented umbrella, and my bags.
Once I planted my umbrella and settled, it was a better time.






Then it was time to go and back to the misery of walking across what felt like miles of hot sand under a blazing sun.
I got to my car, sweaty and annoyed.  Not a feeling I want to have after leaving the beach.

The good: Jones Beach is clean if you go by New York standards. You have the option to rent umbrellas and chairs. There’s a fee for renting ($10) and a deposit fee ($10). Your deposit fee is returned when the umbrella is given back.
There’s ample parking ($10) that’s paid at booths at the beach entrance.
The bad: The walk to get to the beach is way too far. It’s enough to make you stop and say $#@! it and go cry in the car on the way home.
I found it interesting that umbrellas and tents aren’t allowed anywhere near the water while towels, blankets, and chairs are.
I daydreamed about lazily lounging under the umbrella while feeling the breeze off the water. Yeah, no. That didn’t happen.
The ugly: That walk. Ooh chile. That walk. Also no visible food choices. Not even a Mr. Softee truck. I tried to use the bathroom before I left and the line was unbelievably long. Public bathrooms already make me break out but public bathrooms with long ass lines? Honey please.

Unless Rockaway Beach makes a turn, I have no plans to return to this beach next year or anytime soon.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Outing: Jones Beach

  1. Field 6 has the shortest walk from the parking lot to the beach. As you move west towards West End 2 the walk to the beach is further and further. At West End 2 you have to walk the furthest but it’s also less crowded.

    I was at Jones Beach West End 2 yesterday and it was beautiful.

    Your pictures are beautiful.


    1. Now I know why Field 6 is always full! That was the intention when I went but it was full and it wasn’t even noon. I also went yesterday. Thank you for the compliments and reading my post.

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