Restaurant Review: Schmackary’s Cookies


This is terrible but this is the only decent picture I took when I went to Schmackary’s a couple of weeks ago. The rest were blurry, horrible messes. Well, wait. I did take a great one of the box. That counts for something, right?


This location is very close to the L train’s Bedford Avenue stop in Williamsburg. The original location is in Hell’s Kitchen.


This bakery specializes in cookies but there are other baked goods like croissants, scones, bars, and other tasty treats. I went for the cookies.


The cookie menu changes daily and there are some seasonal options for fall like caramel apple crisp, candied yam, pumpkin spice, and more.


Cookies are $2.75 each but I chose the six for $14 dollars because my cheap side couldn’t fathom paying damn near three dollars for just one cookie.

From my order, my favorite was the schmackerdoodle cookie. The cookies were big, not too soft, and not overly sweet. I like desserts but not overly sweet ones. I’m going back, I don’t know when. I see they’re open in the morning so maybe I’ll drop in to see what they have then.

These pics were taken from Yelp and the bakery’s Instagram.


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