How to React When Someone Acts Up On The Train

You think they want you to have a peaceful train ride? They do not want you to have a peaceful train ride.

In my time here my journeys out and about have been interrupted many times by someone acting the fool on the train.

What is acting the fool, you ask? People begging, performers singing and strumming badly tuned instruments, people shouting bible verses, people screaming threats and obscenities. That, dear reader, is acting the fool.

So what do you do? I’m so glad you asked! Lemme help you out.

Distractions. Music, reading a magazine, staring at that dirty spot on the floor. Anything to distract you frim the noise.

Ignore, ignore, ignore. Your name is Bennett and you’re not in it. Don’t make lingering eye contact, don’t turn your body in that direction. Focus on anything but the racket but…

Be aware. It’s very important for anyone traveling this city to be aware of his or her surroundings at all times. Ignore but be aware. Turn down your music a little if someone is really being erratic. You have to know whether to stay or flee.

Those are my tips and work for me. What are some things you do when you encounter disruptive people in public?


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