The Week After Jonas

Today makes a week since the second biggest snowfall in New York history. I’m no stranger to snow but even I was shocked by the sheer amount of the fluffy white stuff that fell from the sky last Saturday.

A few things I noticed. Ready? Let’s do it.

1. Everything shuts down. That means work, school, restaurants, bars, everything. Subway lines without outside tracks were halted and only those completely underground were allowed to move. The city that never sleeps does take a nap from time to time.

2. Beware the corners. Having a bit of cabin fever the following day after the storm I decided to walk to survey the damage and reload on my dwindling snack stash. This is when I discovered what I call the corner catastrophe. Sidewalk corners aren’t plowed by the city and it seems as if homeowners don’t give much of a damn either. Intersections were either entirely covered by snow or just a small sliver of a path shoved out for pedestrians. The only solution was walking in the street.

3. Snow boots and rain boots. You will need them to wade through the intersection and the melting snow and slush.

4. Trash and Parking. The good news is parking is suspended until February 1. The bad news is the sanitation department is so focused on snow removal who knows when garbage will be picked up. It’s an open buffet for Mickey’s big cousins, feral cats, and raccoons.

5. Cars on ice. …so because of number 4 some people don’t move their cars unless they have to, which means some people never unearthed their car after it stopped snowing. Lucky for these types the weather has been surprisingly warm (40/50ish) during the day so there’s some melting. There are still many cars encased in hard ass black dirty ice from the sanitation plows and other people. Enjoy that new vehicle popsicle!

To conclude this entry can someone tell me why people go straight for the milk, eggs, and bread in the grocery store the day(s) before the storm? If the power goes out two of the three won’t be any good.
Also, why do people run to the store like they will never return again? The lines were outrageous Thursday and Friday. If you have those answers let me know. Thank you.


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