Restaurant Review: SoCo


I’ve wanted to visit this restaurant for awhile now and earlier this week I was able to do it. I was impressed by the well lit restaurant with sleek black booth seating, accommodating staff, and wonderful food.


One of my appetizers was the gumbo. I tend to stick with the same apps and entrées whenever I go out. I didn’t regret my choice but can I get a little more rice? The pic of Countess Vaughn would go perfect here it I wasn’t so lazy.


My entrée was the lobster and shrimp grits. When the plate was placed in front of me all I could think was, this is a lot of grits! This meal was as delicious as it looked. Now I don’t know which grits are better…the grits at SoCo or the grits at Rustik Tavern.


My friend has a Caesar salad with cornbread croutons. That was a nice, unexpected twist. I can’t comment on this but it looked very good.


The server told me a few of the signature cocktails had happy hour prices. Listen, you don’t have to tell me twice. This was called Mardi Gras. It was full of rum and fruity and that’s all I remember.


My lunch partner had chicken and waffles for an entrée. As you can see it was a red velvet waffle. I had to sample it and it did not disappoint. It made me wish I had ordered it. The chicken was also very juicy even though it was white meat, skin was crispy, and it was well seasoned. All I have to say is yes, yes, and more yes.

Will I be back? Of course. You already knew that though.

SoCo is located in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn at 509 Myrtle Ave.


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