Restaurant Review: Streets

I pass this restaurant practically everyday but only decided to make a visit after I heard raves about the peri peri wings. I didn’t order the wings this time but I will share in the raves. They are well deserved.

Located in Williamsburg, Streets’ menu and decor reflects their vision of serving global street food at a high level.  The decor and vibe is cool and rustic. I loved the lighting and wished my horrible phone picked it up better. The mason glasses were a nice touch that I liked a lot.






For lunch I decided on the bulgogi tacos along with the malt vinegar fries.




Delicious isn’t a strong enough word to describe this food. I practically inhaled these tacos and no I am not ashamed.

The malt vinegar fries tasted just like my favorite Lay’s chips but better of course. It was a large serving too but can you complain about good fries? You can never complain about good fries.

The hostess/server was excellent. She took our order promptly, explained the menu, and suggested what items she enjoyed. She did everything a great server would do so no complaints there.

All in all, Streets is a gem and I will be back to enjoy this food with friends and out of town guests.

Take the L (Bedford Avenue) or the
J, M, or Z (Marcy Avenue) to get to the restaurant. For more information check out Streets website and Instagram page.


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