Top of the Rock

I’ve been a New Yorker for a few years now but the need to do touristy thing and languish in never ending lines for no reason arises from time to time. Today I went all tourist and visited Top of the Rock in Midtown.

The most logical thing for me was to take the M train from Brooklyn to the Rockefeller stop. From there, I entered Rockefeller Plaza lost and didn’t know where to go. Psst, go downstairs two flights and follow the hallway to the right.

The observations are based on a time schedule and you’re not allowed to line up. They will shoo you away politely and tell you to come back for your printed ticketed time. In the meantime, I went to the bathroom and sat down. Plenty of seating available when I went but that’s probably not the case for the weekend.

My time arrived and I was allowed entry. A movie about the history of Rockefeller  Center played as I waited and soon we were escorted up to the observation deck by elevator. Pictures from my visit are below:









I took more photos but the protective glass barrier really altered the look of the photos.

If you go I would recommend going with a friend for photography purposes. Don’t get me wrong selfies are amazing but you need more. I also recommend going during the week. I expect it would be chaotic during the weekend. Last tip, go at night. I went during the day because I had free time but I have a feeling a nighttime view would be incredible.

For more information about Top of the Rock is here.


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