The L Train Shutdown: Stop it, it’s not the end of the world 

It really isn’t.  This is coming from a person who rides this line daily and will be impacted by the scheduled closure in 2019.

During my time here, I’ve learned that New Yorkers are resilient and adjust to changes.  Of course people will complain and be irritated but it will be figured out.

This is how I feel about the L train closing.  I will figure out another way to get from point A to point B and life will go on.  Whether it really takes the MTA the proposed 18 months or longer my life can’t stop.  I still need to go to work to take care of myself and go out for fun. Life won’t stop. 

If that means having to take a bus to a train or take two or three trains instead of one so be it.  If it means biking or walking that will be done too.  Keyword here: adjust.  No one really has a choice.

What’s troubling about this is the media and blogs are only focusing on gentrified neighborhoods such as Williamsburg and parts of Bushwick when discussing the shutdown. I’ve seen so many pictures of crowds of people at the L train platform in Williamsburg. A New York Times article even quotes a Williamsburg resident who is concerned about how her housekeeper will get to her condo to clean it during the shutdown.  First world problems indeed.  The L line doesn’t start and end at the Bedford Avenue stop.   It serves Bushwick, East New York, Brownsville, and the last stop is in Canarsie.  These areas have far less travel options and income than Williamsburg.  The hipsters aren’t there anymore.  They can’t afford $3,000+  rent and $20 artisanal cheeseburgers.  The focus should be on how the shutdown will affect every rider on the line, not just those who live in rich neighborhoods.

Instead of the doom, gloom, and despair, this should be a time for the MTA and the residents of the city to explore other methods of travel that do not include the subway.  One option for me is the East River Ferry.  I see it makes stops in Midtown and lower Manhattan.  Also, as much as I despise the 3, A, C. and J trains those are alternatives for me as well.  I don’t know much about the bus system here but maybe it’s time I learn.

If a major bus route or train was closed for an extended amount of time in your city what would you do?


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