Underground Torture

You want to know what hell feels like? Take a train on a hot, humid summer day like today. Inhale that stench, peer quickly at the miserable faces of people furiously fanning, sweating, and generally being unhappy. This is hell.

Getting on the train makes it worse. You’re happy as a what what to be out of the heat then you are immediately freezing. Some cars have to be set to North Pole. Or maybe unfortunately you enter a train where the AC said, “Nope! Not today!” And the overheated punishment from the platform continues until you finally get to your destination. 

If you see someone rocking either of the following stay clear: sweatshirts, winter coats, and Timberlands (construction workers get a pass). Anyone wearing any of this apparel is obviously one of Satan’s minions to wear such a thing in this heat or mentally off. Stay away!


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