Coney Art Walls

I went to Coney Island recently not expecting to see anything worthy of a blog post. 

My typical Coney Island visit goes like this: gripe about parking, park, walk the boardwalk, complain about how hot it is, and sit on the pier. Then get up and move from the pier, Nathan’s for a chili cheese dog and drink,  walk on boardwalk, complain, go home. In that order. 

During my visit,  I saw people taking pics of what looked like street art which I’m completely fascinated by most days. Then I saw it was an entire outdoor exhibit. What an unexpected surprise! Of course I checked it out!

My favorite two walls are the two seen below.  The first, to me, reminds me of what New York is and the second I was struck by the detail and talent it took to create this. I was so mad a truck was parked in front of it obstructing the view. 

Lately I’ve been watermarking my pics but I couldn’t bring myself to put my blog name on someone else’s works of art. Plates of food and pics at the park, yes. Artwork, no. Even I have to draw the line somewhere. 

I wanted to find out more about each piece and the artists and came across an article in the Huffington Post. Each mural was broken down and the artist is featured. Check that out here


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