Got To Give It Up

Living in this city where everyone is always on the go and in a rush I’ve seen many people push the limits while traveling. Cutting people off, running red lights, making left turns from the right line, sticking a leg in a train doors to stop it from closing. All kinds of wild behavior. There comes a point where you realize no matter how fast you run or what stunt you do it just ain’t gon’ happen for you. That was me today. 

As luck would have it (or so I thought) everytime I stepped on a train platform I didn’t have to wait. There was an arriving train each time. Praise Him!

So I’m at Jay Street Metrotech waiting for the iron chariot to whisk me back home. I get on the express train inwardly beaming at how today’s train ride has been so smooth. I was wrong. Oh so wrong!

“Due to delays on the C, this train will be making all local stops to Euclid Avenue. The next stop is Lafayette Avenue. Stand clear of the closing doors.”

And just that quickly my joy became sadness. The train quickly filled and I was sandwiched between a group of people who didn’t want to shut up. 

After I got off I saw my connecting train was just a minute away. My mind was telling me noooooo…and you know who am I to argue with my own damn mind? I shuffled to the escalator. It was like the human version of the cliffhanger game on the Prices is Right except that was no yodeling and no one fell off a mountain at the end. 

By the time I got to the top I saw the train I needed speeding into the station. I start to run until the many passengers stepped off the train. It was literally a wall of people, strollers, backpacks, and kids with their heads in their phones walking so slowly turtles could have passed them up. 

How do I compete with that? You can’t. I stopped running and started walking.  The next train was on the way and I was not going to miss it.   


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