Last Days of Summer: Mad. Sq. Eats

Today marks the last day of summer. Until next year my friend. To celebrate the last days of summer I decided to check out Mad. Sq. Eats, the pop up restaurants right across from Madison Square Park in the Flatiron section of the city. 

View from my seat while I ate

My first visit was luckily on a gorgeous day. Blue skies, no clouds, just beautiful. I ended up getting tacos and a drink from Jicama California Street Food. One mini crispy shrimp taco, one mini soft chicken taco with avocado and a drink. 

Tacos from Jicama California Street Food

I was satisfied with the food especially the avocados but I ended up having to eat somewhere else a few hours later because I was still hungry. I know it said mini but damn. I needed just a lil bit more. 

Just a little bit more tacos please!

My second visit I  went to Chingu New Korean. I wasn’t very hungry that day so we just got the Korean sweet soy fried chicken wings and beef and japchae dumplings. I liked that the skin on the wings was still crunchy even though there was a sauce on them. The dumplings were also very good. Added bonus, the staff was very pleasant!

More pics from my time at Mad. Sq. Eats below.

I definitely plan on coming back before the event wraps up October 7. I found the food somewhat pricy however there are so many different vendors selling such a wide range of food, drink, and dessert it’s worth it to me. On the weekends it gets a bit crowded so place your order, get your food, and take yourself to the park and eat over there. 

Check out the Urbanspace website for more information about Mad.Sq. Eats and the restaurant vendors at the event. 

Location is 5th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets. The N and R trains to the 23rd Street stop will literally drop you off just two blocks away. 


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