Code Words

I’ve come to learn the words “unauthorized person on the tracks” and “customer injury” usually means some poor man or woman has decided to end his or her life by being hit by the train. 

I was caught up in both of these incidents since the L train is one of the trains I take to get home. I didn’t know what was going on until I reached the L train platform and saw what seemed to be hundreds of people waiting. 

Eventually I got home but the attitudes of people I overheard and online disgusted me. People criticized why someone would commit suicide during rush hour and why they continued to choose the L line instead of the many other lines here. 

I will admit it is an inconvenience to find other ways to get home when something like this happens. But the thing is I’m well enough to get on a bus, call someone, or get an Uber to get home. I didn’t decide to hurl myself on electrified tracks to get mangled to death by a moving subway train. I’m gon’ be all right and with God’s grace I continue to get home in one piece and unharmed. The people who passed no longer have that luxury and were clearly not in a great mental space. That deserves sympathy, not attacks. 

I wish there was more compassion when it came to this. I wish there was some kind of barrier to prevent people from getting on the tracks so easily, currently there is none. And I wish instead of code words the MTA announced what really happened.


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