Restaurant Review: Burger & Lobster

Burger. Lobster. Lobster roll. Those are your choices at this British based restaurant located in the Flatiron section of the city. One would think less choices would make people happy but some were not. More on that later.

So listen, I live in a place among millions and I am annoyed by most of them. I do not like people and they probably don’t care for my ass either.  That being the case, I try to arrive as early as I can when stores and restaurants open to avoid the crowd. The crowd eventually comes anyway but I feel joy when I’m the first person in the building. Is that weird?

See empty! I was shocked by the size of this restaurant. It’s spacious with more seating available downstairs. 

I ordered a combo for one which consists of a six ounce burger, a one lb steamed lobster, a small salad, and fries with garlic butter for dipping. If I recall this was $33.00 but don’t quote me. 

Remember I said some people were not happy at the beginning of this post? Apparently the prices were bumped by a few dollars in the last few months and people were big mad about it in the reviews I read online. You used to be able to get a 1.5 pound lobster with fries and salad for $20. Now it’s $28. For $20 it’s only a 1 lb lobster with fries and salad. On top of that there are now three different types of lobster rolls instead of the one. 

As a newcomer the price change looked comparable to other restaurants in the city serving seafood but what do I know? Now back to the food.

For me, the combo for one was just a little too much food for me. I ordered it after seeing complaints that the 1 lb lobster was not filling enough. I guess when I saw 6 oz burger I was expecting a little flimsy McDonald’s like cheeseburger. No bih. This was a real burger, medium well, with bacon, tomato, greens, and a fluffy seeded bun.

Overall I enjoyed my visit and would go back again even though I am not the biggest fans of chains. I am, however, a seafood fan and although I am sure this wasn’t the highest quality it was not bottom of the barrel either.

Burger & Lobster is located at 39 W 19th Street. Take the N or R to 23rd Street. More info about the restaurant is on their website here.


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