New Year’s Day in the City

I planned to visit all kinds of places and take pictures during the holidays but clearly that didn’t happen.  This past weekend the sun, temperature (almost fifty), and free time made me venture out. 

First, I went to Bryant Park to check out the shops and food. Ice skating was completely out of the question because one, I can’t. Two, the line was long and three, I can’t. The next step was to find some food. I ended up with truffle fries and chimney cake which seemed like a huge deep fried churro with a filling of your choice. Pretend there’s no such thing as calories. At least that’s what I did. 

After that I went to check out the huge tree at The Rockefeller. Sadly it looked like an overgrown Charlie Brown tree. The branches were sparse and drooping.  That didn’t stop the crowd. There were hundreds of people out there as well as heavily armed NYPD officers.

Walked around a bit more and took these pics. 

Here’s to 2017 being a wonderful year!


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