Sugar Factory 

Shame on me, it’s been a long time! Anyway, I’m back and hope to blog on a consistent basis about life in New York, the things I see, and do. 

Last Sunday was a perfect day weather wise so I decided to visit the Sugar Factory restaurant in the Meatpacking District in the city. The last time I was there the location was literally about the size of a stamp, tight and cramped. If I wanted to I could have stretched in a fake yawn and dipped my hand in the chocolate fondue of the people sitting to my left. I mean I didn’t do it but I thought about it. 

I was surprised to find the restaurant moved right around the corner to a larger two story building. The tables are still way too close together but that’s how they do it here. 

See that big globe of goodness? This is the reason I went there. Pretty to look at, delicious to drink, fun to fish out the candy, and that’s where the fun ended. I contemplated if it was even safe to drink but you only live once! This was $36 and shared with my partner but the downside is the dry ice or whatever is put in there to make it bubble freezes this drink solid. Talk  about a disappointment. For a drink at that price, I want to drink to the last drop.  Save yourself the money and just search Instagram.

Food was good. Not great but good. It’s a step above Applebee’s, Friday’s type of food. I got the banana split waffles.  There were bits of crunchy chocolate candies mixed in there along with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream. All this sounds heavy but it wasn’t. 

As for the vibe, lots of children and teens and very few adults who weren’t parents. Maybe this changes at night but it made me feel a little out of place. 

I will likely go back but it will probably be during the week and with friends and family from out of town. 

There are several locations open now in the NYC area. Check it out here.


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