MTA Adopt A Station Plan

I’m writing way more about the MTA than I expected but as stated in a previous post I’m a daily train rider and what the state decides to do with it affects my daily life. So let’s go. Happy Friday!

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo gave a speech in the city about his plans to improve subway service. One idea is having private businesses and organizations “adopt” a station who would then be responsible for upkeep and the overall look of that station.

Part of me is like oh okay Cuomo, look at you thinking of ideas and what not! Another part of me is like…now how is this gon’ work?

Already as a rider you can see the clear difference of the look and maintenance of some of the stations based on location. I see stations in the city getting top priority even though the governor says an outer borough station must be upgraded for each one in the city.

Even if that in the case, I suspect the stations in the more popular and gentrifying areas of Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx getting love first over a station in poorer areas.

It’s yet to be determined if businesses will be down for this. I’m just glad to hear officials publicly on the issues and working to get it resolved.


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